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Better understanding. Greater collaboration.

More grassroots participation. Faster decision-making.

Improved program outcomes. 

And all with zero carbon footprint.

OnSight is an award-winning communications platform that uses immersive technology to connect project stakeholders and bring them virtually on site for better outcomes without travel.

The Problem 

Social sector organizations face many barriers to clear communications-distance, language, culture, insecurity, poor infrastructure, etc. - that cause gaps in knowledge and understanding of complex field contexts and limit the participation of field-based staff and partners, hindering decision making and ultimately project outcomes and impact.

The OnSight Solution

OnSight harnesses the power of Virtual Reality and 360° imagery to connect diverse and distant project stakeholders for better, faster decision-making that improves project outcomes and increases social impact.

Understand Complex Field Contexts

Go to project sites without travel. 

Contextual understanding is crucial to designing and implementing solutions to complex social problems. OnSight immersive technology takes stakeholders virtually on projects site to “experience” the on-the-ground-realities of local contexts. 

Democratize Communication

Increase inclusion and participation from the field.  

Grassroots stakeholders on the frontlines of solving social problems and with the strongest contextual knowledge, often face the greatest communication barriers. OnSight uses visual data 360 images, pictures and video. Project stakeholders can comment on in writing and use OnSight’s multi-language translation capability, add drawings, or embed audio messages.

Connect and Collaborate  

Seamless work across locations and devices.

Onsight’s fosters collaboration by making it possible for stakeholders across geographies and organizational hierarchies to view, share, discuss and annotate immersive content. Our multi-directional platform enables lateral communications as well as fostering bottom-up participation for greater inclusion of the field in decision-making. 

Improve Efficiency

& Transparency 

Seamless work across geographies

Maps and timestamps - OnSight increases transparency of project documentation and reporting by using time and GPS stamped 360 images “where there are no corners to hide in.” Mapping features ground projects geographically as well as to processes, plans, physical plants, and timelines so stakeholders can follow and support work

Storytelling for Impact

Reporting and storytelling – OnSight users combine project images, video and data (text, audio, maps, timelines) into interactive stories and virtual project tours that provide useful context and information through visceral immersive experiences. Stories and reports can be generated for various purposes and audiences with assistance from OnSight wiki-style templates

Save time, Money, & the Environment

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