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Since 2010, Virtue Ventures has been working in partnership with the Philippson Foundation to develop its programs and support its 20+ grantee organizations in West Africa.  To this end,  Virtue Ventures and Philippson Foundation co-founded Aliniha International, a network of women-led organizations representing over 4000 West African women. As of 2016, it consists of around 15+ women-led grassroots organizations regrouped in 2 regional organizations in Tambacounda, Senegal and Kayes, Mali.


The Aliniha Network is supported by Camide, a local development support center located in Kayes, as well as two microfinance institutions (Benso Jamanu in Kayes and Jekabara in Tambacounda).  The network seeks to empower local women to become leaders in the sustainable development of their community.

Today, Camide is being mentored to become a core partner of the network in a new capacity: sustainable economic development. A business planning methodology is being developed and implemented gradually not only through the Aliniha Network but also other historical stakeholders of Camide. That business methodology is unique in that it seeks to build the capacity of women groups and local stakeholders in truly understanding how to plan and manage an economic activity.

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