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Founded in 2000

We are social

enterprise experts. 



Years operating




Social enterprises
Virtue Ventures is a leading and pioneering organization dedicated to empowering social sector practitioners to solve the world’s problems through entrepreneurship, business tools, and sound management practices.
Virtue Ventures has received awards and accolades for its pioneering work in, and contributions to, the field of social entrepreneurship.



Virtue Ventures has always been a “before its time” organization. We are a firm of many firsts in social enterprise. We started Virtue Ventures because we saw the immense opportunity to solve social problems with business practices and entrepreneurship.  In 2000, there was no field called social entrepreneurship. There were no social enterprise jobs.  Social enterprise had not been formalized in international development. There were only few intrepid leaders experimenting with what would later be called social enterprise and impact investing.

We started Virtue Ventures to fill this gap and to share an effective new way to execute a social mission sustainability with development practitioners.  Much of our early work was spent "pulling the market," and evangelizing and building the field of social entrepreneurship. 

Kim Alter,

Managing Director


We are a small creative team rooted in practice.

We have chosen to  remain small in order to preserve the integrity and quality of our work.  To best safeguard our mission and serve the interests of our clients, we work with a global network of qualified partners, experts, and consultants.

Ben Kreimer

OnSight Partner

Vincent Dawans,

Senior Partner

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