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Virtue Ventures has strong competency in social enterprise incubation and acceleration.  Our team has worked with fourteen incubators in ten countries on four continents (some for several years and multiple cohorts), dating back as far as 2001.  Nine of those we designed and led social in Bulgaria,  Liberia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, India, Afghanistan, Morocco, and Uganda. We contributed to  a UK Healthcare Incubator run by Oxford University; and two social enterprise accelerators in the US, one on each coast. We evaluated and advised on incubation methodology and strategy for social invention incubators in three countries: Peru, Indonesia and India.


In the mix, we have worked on many social enterprise start up incubators as well as some special focus incubators and accelerators. These include capacity building for scale;  transforming NGOs into social enterprises; humanitarian and civil society organizations starting social enterprise for financial sustainability; employment creation social enterprise; and microfinance. ​

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